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Semporna where I begin …

pekan-semporna-1952An aerial view of  Semporna taken in 1952 the year I was born.

This is how it looked like about half a century ago, almost nothing  to show off, yet I am still proud to have been born  a bumi here,  eventhough Semporna is just small  town situated in the east coast of Sabah, but she has  established milestone of  our history perhaps people of  Semporna have the gut to be proud.

Tun Sakaran Dandai, former Head of  State Of  Sabah and former Chief Minister of  Sabah, was also born in Semporna, a great man  he is of  his time to his people and will always be remembered not only for his influential momentum  leadership and for his significant contributions for the struggle of Independence of  Sabah, but also for his humble and pious charismatic appeal as Islam devoter,  followed his footsteps is a promising young leader of our time,  Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal, now entrusted with the porfolio of  Federal Government  Minister of  Solidarity, Culture and Heritage of  Malaysia, and Datuk Nasir Tun Sakaran,  The Minister in The Chief Minister Department of Sabah and in fact he is also the eldest son of Tun Sakaran.

Semporna today is absolutely differant from what was potrayed half a century ago, the picture was purposely displayed with no intention other then to keep me reminded  of where I came from,  It is a generical symbol to what eventualy shall endure to contribute to our people and hometown Semporna at the utmost efforts.  The process of  Nation and State Independence achievements  in the progress changes the images of  Semporna to modern facilitated town,   and developed rapidly  after the ruling party UMNO came into power.  Soon You will see  a bridge connecting the mainland  to nearby Island Pulau Bum-Bum to add a landmark, with which will benefit  people in mainland Semporna  with those who domicile in the Island to a better communication and improve both socially and economically.   Tourism Industry is  as one potential source of  investment  to highlight,  predominently run by non bumis according to my opinion need to be aligned and expose broadly to enable Local Bumi enterproners to find a place.  Sipadan Island is already known through out the world  as one of  world most fascinating under water tourism edventure and  The Anual Native Cultural Fiesta of  Regga Lepa is perhaps a gateway for Bumis to increase their participation in the industry.  As a matter of  fact  achievements of the Bumis in economic developments field is still at slower gauge and must be accelerated where our Local leaders must take promising responds.

Semporna in year 2000 not entirely tranformed but have achieved level marked in our National Map.

Below are pictures of garlanded Bajau Traditional Boat a mean of transport during the old days and now have became trademark of  Bajau Anual Native Cultural Fiesta ” Reggetta Lepa ”  a history in Sabah Tourim Calander.


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