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img-copySpiritual Master Syeikh KH. Ahmad  Sohibulwafa Tajul Arifin, Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya, Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.

Thanks to the almighty Allah for giving me and all of us with ” nikma ”  of the life  we all should be thankfull purposely.  I have  served the government as Public Servant  subordinate group for more than 20 years,  although having low  academical background.   The Long Life learning concept insisted me to challange with pro-active  encouragement to equipped myself with knowledge with adequate requirements,  such as enrolment of  Distant Learning  though wich I attained my diploma level and simultaneously learned about Islam as mucah as I can in the taditional way from the Gurus and Islamic Scholars from time to time which I still carry on until the very moment,  Among them for me to pick as reference is my Spiritual Master KHA Sohibulwafa Tajul Arifin (Abah Anom) of Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya, Indonesia.

I have retired from Public Service establishment several months ago at the age of 56 and now I committed totally myself  in propogation of Islamic teaching and practices as one of  the Imams in Inabah Kamal Mosque.  This is sort of deed affordable to offer by me  to serve the people in my community,  Lets pray May Allah gave me the strengh and clear the ways of obstacles to achive the procesc of success in life to be.

Some of the captured moments to remember during my periodical term of service.

Unofficial visit to High Excellency Tun Haji Sakaran Dandai during term of office at Istana Negeri Kota Kinabalu

KH Dudun and H Baban sons of Abah Anom represented Abah Anom to the wedding ceremony of Hj Mohd Zuki as-sujak`s daughter in Jabal Suf, Kedah. picture taken at Alor Star Airport before the departure to Jakarta.

KHM Abdul Ghaos (3rd from right) and Ikhwan from Semporan led by Haji Abdul Rahman Tun Sakaran (2nd from right) at his school and residence in the district of Panjalu, West Java, Indonesia.

Ustaz Hj Ali Mohammad Presiden of Persatuan Ulama Singapore (2nd from right) chat with KH Zainal Abidin Anuar and Drs Hj Yusuf hamzah during Tuturial session of thoreqah in Inabah Terengganu.

Prof. Dr. Nik Hashim of UKM Bangi (right) follower of TQN in presence of Hj Mansor Salleh (Left) deciples of Abah Anom

Anom Anom with me


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